The Wharton Health Care Club is an integral part of the health care ecosystem at the Wharton School and at the University of Pennsylvania. We aim to promote the success of future leaders in the health care industry as well as build the bonds within the health care community. If you share our passion for health care, please reach out and connect!

What We Do

We invite leaders from different segments of the industry to speak on a wide range of topics of interest to MBA students considering careers in health care, including: biotech/ pharma, health care services, hospital administration, finance and consulting.

We organize treks to business hubs such as Boston, New York and San Francisco to visit health care companies across sectors. These trips enable students to engage in more intimate settings with companies and network with individuals working in the careers they seek.

We host lectures for MBA students to share their diverse health care knowledge with their peers. The focus of this talk can range from student-run startups to summer internships to prior industry experiences. Examples include learning about health care systems in other countries.